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Accessing the Geological Records Centre data

Data Access & Use Policy
As a repository for information on the geology and landscape of the two counties, the Trust is committed to making the information held in the Geological Records Centre (GRC) freely available to interested parties. Access to the GRC data is controlled by the Trust’s Data Access Policy (DAP). The purpose of the policy is to ensure that our data providers and users know and understand the terms and conditions that govern the collection and dissemination of GRC data. A detailed DAP is now available and includes the following:

  • Data Access and Use Policy – The main document outlining the type of data available, how it can be used and where it was sourced from by the Trust.
  • Terms and Conditions – This document ensures that our data providers and users know and understand the Terms and Conditions affecting the dissemination of GRC data.
  • Privacy Policy – Information about what personal information we collect and how we use it as governed by the Data Protection Act (1998).
  • Schedule of Charges – This document sets out our system for charging fees for providing the information.
  • Information Request Form – This form is to be completed when requesting information from the Trust’s GRC archives.

To download the Trust’s Data Access Policy, click on the following links:

Data Management
All data about the geology and landscape of Herefordshire and Worcestershire is collected or collated by consultants and volunteers working for the Trust. Site reports are recorded on a relevent geological, geomorphological or soils form. All completed forms are then forwarded onto the Data Manager, who checks each one for quality and completeness of information. Any incomplete or wrongly completed forms will be returned to fieldworker to be amended and resubmitted. When forms have been checked, the information is added to the geodiversity site records database.

For more information about data access and management, please contact the Trust at eht@worc.ac.uk or by telephone on 01905 855184.

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