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The Team

We have a number of paid staff and volunteers working for the Trust with a diverse range of interests. Read on for more information about our team.

Dr. John Payne – Vice President

Professor Richard BryantVice President

Retired Physical Geographer; Phd in Quaternary Geology. Currently: Professor Emeritus and Fellow, University of Worcester. Principal interests are glacial and periglacial geomorphology of Herefordshire and Worcestershire, and post-16 education. Prof. Bryant can contacted at eht@worc.ac.uk

Professor Ian FairchildChairman

Ian Fairchild is a geoscientist who is Professor of Geosystems at the University of Birmingham and has had a University career spanning 40 years of research and teaching, initially in sedimentary and field geology, but later in low-temperature geochemistry and physical geography including geomorphology, Quaternary and climate science.

Dr. Sue HayTrustee

Sue can be contacted at eht@worc.ac.uk

Margaret RodwayTrustee

Completed an Open University Geoscience degree 7 years ago and has an interest in minerals. Now liaising with the OU Geological Society, U3A Malvern Geological Group and volunteering groups. Helps with talks, events, volunteers and fundraising. Margaret can be contacted at eht@worc.ac.uk

Michael BrooksTrustee

Consultant for HLF funded Deep Time Project. Industrial and academic work in software and electronic systems development. Studied Earth Science with the OU at its inception. Mike can be contacted at eht@worc.ac.uk

Peter StevensTrustee

Cheryl Jones - Trustee

Kay HughesTrustee

Kate AndrewTrustee

Peter Bridges -Trustee

Julie HarraldAdvisor

Geologist with a previous background in administration, youth and community work (school and voluntary sector). Main geological interest is in sedimentology, particularly the Carboniferous units of the Pennine Basin. Julie can be contacted at eht@worc.ac.uk

David PammentFinance Manager

A background in financial management mainly in the education sector.

Dr. Ella Young - Technical Consultant – A Thousand Years of Building with Stone Project

Geologist with a PhD from Cardiff University on the Troodos Ophiolite, Cyprus. Now geologist and technical consultant for the HLF funded A Thousand Years of Building with Stone Project.

Sue Knox - Geopark Way Officer

Moira JenkinsGeological Consultant

Geologist with an interest in primary education. Woolhope Club committee member and Geology Recorder for Herefordshire. Moira can be contacted at m.jenkins@worc.ac.uk.

Beth AndrewsProject Officer for Conserving Herefordshire’s Ice Age Ponds

Beth can be contacted on e.andrews@worc.ac.uk

Allison Tinsley - Office Administrator

Background in marketing and administration.


A number of volunteers are involved in the work of the Trust, and their input is invaluable. Activities undertaken include literature surveys and field work, trail testing, assessment of sites for RIGS designation and assistance in the running of any events we organise such as open days and rock and fossil roadshows. If you are interested in joining in, please contact us at eht@worc.ac.uk.