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Champions booklets available

The Community Earth Heritage Champions Project involved local communities and organisations in improving the understanding, conservation and utilisation of nineteen key geological sites across Herefordshire and Worcestershire. The sites were chosen based on a number of factors including interesting geology, good and safe accessibility, and an active local community.

Members of the local community around each site were invited to get involved in the project; focusing on conserving the site, understanding the geology of the site, exploring the history and wildlife of the site and utilising the site for recreation amongst other potential uses. People of all ages and backgrounds have signed up to be ‘Champions’.

As part of the site interpretation, three booklets were produced covering the Champions sites in Bewdley, the Lickey Hills and the Malvern Hills:


A 16 page booklet following a trail of the geological features around Bewdley Town Centre, including both rock exposures and building stones. The booklet includes an overview of the ecological and archaeological interests of the five Champions sites visited en route.







Lickey Hills

This 32 page booklet takes you on an approximately 2 mile long walk looking at the landscape seen from the top of the Lickey Hills as well as the geological features seen within the Lickey Hills Country Park. The trail includes a detailed description of the newly cleared Barnt Green Road Quarry. Unseen since the early 20th century, the rocks of this amazing site are still providing geological surprises.





Malvern Hills

This 49 page booklet takes you on a figure of eight trail 13km (8.2 miles) long and links four Champions Sites; Gardiners Quarry, Dingle Quarry, Westminster Bank Quarry and Tank Quarry. In addition to the detailed descriptions of the fascinating and variable geology seen on the Hills, the booklet also describes the biological and historical features seen at each site. The trail can also be walked as a linear 6.5km (4.18 mile) route.