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The Abberley Hills

The Abberley Hills Discovery Guide is a 22 page booklet that describes the geology and landscape of this scenic area. The Hills are characterised by wooded hills, bordering the flat Worcestershire plain, extending north from Knightwick where the River Teme breaks the line of hills, to the north-easterly curving hills of Abberley, Great Witley, Martley, Berrow Green and Knightwick.

The guide contains general information about the Abberley and Malvern Hills Geopark, as well as information on accommodation & food, local tourist attractions and public transportation in the area.



The Frome Valley

The Frome Valley Discovery Guide, which has been well received by the general public, is written in a way that is easy to understand and describes places that can be easily visited. This colourful 24 page guide takes you on a journey down the River Frame from its source to the point just east of Hereford where it joins the River Lugg. It gives an introduction to the geology and landscape in this beautiful, little known part of the Herefordshire countryside, explaining how the scenery is influenced by the variety of the underlying rock structure.

The maps in the guide show you the routes which can be used to explore the places described. You can look at rocks containing fossils of creatures which lived in clear tropical seas, see channels of streams which crossed a semi-arid land surface about 400 million years ago, the building stones used in churches or abandoned valleys which no longer have a stream..

Every page has diagrams and colour photographs. There is also information about other sites of interest and places where visitors can stay as well as general tourist information.

ISBN: 978-0-9548360-8-5