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The Geopark Way

The Geopark Way trail guide conveniently splits the Geopark Way trail into 17 comfortable day walks. Each of these 17 sections describes and interprets the geological sites found along the trail. The geology is peppered with interesting facts about the area, along with comprehensive route directions. Each trail section within the guide is headed by a map detailing the route and sites of interest.

The geology and landscape encountered on the Geopark Way is described in a manner suitable for people with no previous knowledge of Earth Science. For those with an understanding of the subject, the Geopark Way is a great opportunity to further their discovery of the geological evolution of the Abberley and Malvern Hills Geopark (well, 109 miles of it at least!).

Geology is best understood and appreciated from outside of four walls. All the same the there are a number of fundamental principles to get your heads around to fully appreciate the wonder of what you see along the trail, for example: geological time (we’re talking millions of years here). Such fundamental concepts are covered in the trail guides introduction. The guide also makes use of diagrams, annotated photos and line drawing to explain what is being seen. A concise glossary covers all terms used within the guide.


A Geopark Way Trail Guide together with a a ‘Special Edition’  Abberley and Malvern Hills Geopark Geology map, purpose-made by the British Geological Survey, presented in a clear plastic protective sleeve is also available. The New Guide and map is now available.