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Severn Valley Railway Information Pages

As part of its education programme, the Severn Valley Railway has, in conjunction with the Trust, produced several information pages for schools. Download the pages below. Note: all links open in a separate window, and you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the documents. … → Read More

Links to educational websites

Voyages in Deeptime
Information and resources for the Voyager and GeoExplore apps produced by EHT in the Voyages in Deeptime project

British Geological Survey – Open Geoscience
recently launched on the BGS website, this resource allows open access to certain geological mapping data and a number of other archives. Well worth a look!

British Geological Survey – Crowdmap
Enhancing our knowledge of the geology of the UK through the BGS community web site, allowing the geoscience community to record geohazards and geoexposures, making the information available to all.

BBC Science and Nature: Age of the dinosaurs
part of the BBC’s prehistoric Life website focusing on all things Dinosaur.

BBC Education: GCSE Bitsize Guide to Rocks
GCSE revision site for rocks.

Geological and Geomorphological Animations
A fantastic website with a large variety of animations showing geological and geomorphological features from plate tectonics to longshore drift. Well worth a visit!

Charmouth Fossils
Describes the discovery (in early 2000) and preparation of a large ichthyosaur fossil at Charmouth.

CTI Geography, Geology and Meteorology Homepage
The site’s focus is to enhance the quality and effectiveness of teaching and learning of geography in higher education through the use of appropriate learning technologies and associated resources.

Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth
Why were Dinosaurs so big? Here is one possible explanation.

The Disaster Area
Colourful, fun site for young students about all sorts of natural disasters including volcanoes, earthquakes and floods. Hosted by the US Federal Emergency Management Agency.
Our Dynamic Earth
An exhibition in the centre of Edinburg with various displays about the Earth.

Education for Sustainability
designed by a partnership of teachers, industrialists and environmental organisations, this site provides resources for teachers, students, parents and anyone else interested in understanding the environment and using resources in a sustainable manner.

Geography Discipline Network
Pedagogic resources for Geography, Earth and Environmental Science in Higher Education.

Global Volcanism Program
Based at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C. Aimed at those with a scientific background.

An introduction to the Global Positioning System.

Mineral Gallery
Online mineral gallery where you can purchase specimens.

Natural History Museum, London

PalaeoBase databases are intended to provide an authoritative reference and teaching resource for common and stratigraphically important invertebrate macrofossils.

SedLog is a free multi-platform software for creating graphic sediment logs. Is designed by geologists for geologists. It provides an intuitive graphical user interface, making it very easy for anyone to use with minimum effort.

The PALEOMAP Project
The site illustrates with animations and colourful maps the movement of the continents and changing climate during the past 650 million years.

West’s Geology Directory
A large directory of internet links on geology and earth science topics, produced by Ian West at Southampton University

A website devoted to all things trilobite!