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Geodiversity Partnerships

Across England, a number of sub-national geodiversity partnerships have been set up, in order to co-ordinate work across the different areas of England. Links to some of the Partnerships can be found below:

North West Geodiversity Partnership
West Midlands Geodiversity Partnership
East of England Geodiversity Partnership
North Yorkshire Geodiversity Partnership

Geoconservation groups

There are two main umbrella organisations in the UK; Geoconservation UK and the The Geology Trusts. Links to some of the individual groups can be found below:

Bedfordshire Geology Group
Central Wales RIGS
Cornwall RIGS
Cumbria RIGS Group
Devon RIGS
Dorset RIGS
Essex RIGS
Geoconservation Staffordshire
Gloucestershire Geology Trust
Leicestershire RIGS
Lothian and Borders Geoconservation
NE Yorkshire Geology Trust
Norfolk Geodiversity Partnership
Oxfordshire Geology Trust
Shropshire Geological Society
Warwickshire Geological Conservation Group
West Yorkshire Geology Trust
Wiltshire Geology Group

Geology / Geomorphology / Geography organisations

The Association for Geographic Information
The Association for Geographic Information represents all interests which make up the UK Geographic Information Systems community.
British Geological Survey
The British Geological Survey (BGS) is the UK’s foremost supplier of geoscience solutions and is active in areas such as land-use planning, waste disposal, hydrocarbons exploration, civil engineering, minerals extraction, contaminated land, seismic and geohazard evaluation and understanding climate change.
British Society for Geomorphology
Formerly known as the British Geomorphic Research Group, the BSG is the professional organisation for geomorphologists in the British Isles. Its aim is to provide a community and services for all those involved in teaching or research in geomorphology.
Centre for Ecology and Hydrology
Formerly the Institute of Hydrology at Walingford, UK. Conducts research in the land and freshwater environmental sciences.
Centre for Quaternary Research
Based at Royal Holloway University London. Promotes research into Quaternary environmental change.
Edinburgh Geological Society
One of the largest geological societies in the UK. Maintains an extensive library of geological literature.
Geographical Magazine
The online version of the magazine from the Royal Geographical Society.
The Geological Society, London
The UK’s national geological learned society and professional body for UK geoscientists. Celebrated it’s 200th anniversary in 2007.
The Geologist’s Association
Celebrating it’s 150th anniversary in 2008, the GA acts as a forum for the exchange of information, and it is a way for professionals and enthusiasts of all ages to meet people with similar interests.
Geological Survey of Ireland
Leading supplier of geological and geotechnical information in the Republic of Ireland.
International Union of Geological Sciences
International society promoting geology through broad-based projects.
Institute of geologists of Ireland
Ireland’s professional body for geologists.
Mineralogical Society of Great Britain & Ireland
International organisation for those interested in mineralogy.
National Environment Research Council
UK Government funded organisation responsible for promotion of geology and related environmental studies. Main source for funding of academic research.
The Ocean Drilling Program in the UK
Information from the British Geological Survey about the IDOP in the UK.
Ordnance Survey
Supplier of topographic maps and other geographic information relating to England, Scotland and Wales.
The Palaeontological Association
One of the world’s leading learned societies dealing with the promotion of palaeontology. Based at Berkeley University, California.
Quaternary Research Association
UK-based society with worldwide membership responsible for the promotion of studies of the Quaternary. Publishers of the Journal of Quaternary Science.
The club for young geologists.
The Royal Geographical Society
World leading learned society and professional body advancing geographical science. Includes the Institute of British Geographers.
Geological Society of America
Organisation responsible for promoting geology and related studies in the United States.
US Geological Survey
This is the home page of the US Geological Survey. It provides access to all levels of expertise and from all sectors.

Conservation/countryside organisations

Countryside Council for Wales
The CCW “is the Government’s statutory advisor on sustaining natural beauty, wildlife and the opportunity for outdoor enjoyment in Wales and its inshore waters.”
Natural England
Natural England is the government body responsible for the conservation and enhancement of biodiversity, landscape and wildife in urban and rural areas in England. Was formed through a merger of English Nature, the Countryside Agency and parts of DEFRA.
Environment Agency
Public body responsible for protecting our environment, including against flooding.
European Centre for Nature Conservation
The website of the think tank and innovator for nature conservation in Europe.
The Shaping of Tasmania
Packed with geoconservation information, this site explains the meaning of geoconservation, gives a brief history of Tasmanian geoconservation, and provides detailed theoretical information and discussions on the subject. It also includes an extensive bibliography of Australian geoconservation. Hosted by the Park and Wildlife Service, Tasmania.
The National Biodiversity Network
Online gateway to information about the biodiversity of our nation. Includes information on record collecting, and a searchable databse.
US National Park Service
Website gateway to conservation and tourism information about all national parks and monuments in the United States.
River Basin Management Society
Based in Australia but with an international membership, the aim of the RBMS is to establish a balanced approach to land, water and natural resource management on a catchment basis.
Scottish Natural Heritage
Public body responsible for the preservation and conservation of the landscape, wildlife and other natural heritage in Scotland.
UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Information about World Heritage sites and conservation.

Other resources

Blackwell Publishing
Publishers of Geology Today and many other journals and books.
Baldwin’s Scientific Books
over 350,000 second hand and antiquarian books, journals, offprints and maps for sale. Claiming to be the leading secondhand book dealer in the UK for Palaeontology, Geology and Earth Science, the company also covers all science subjects.
Mineral Gallery
Online mineral gallery where you can purchase specimens.
Online bookstore with an extensive environmental catalogue, including many earth science books.
York Survey Supply Centre
manufacturers and suppliers of survey markers and surveying accessories, with over 5,000 products available for on-line ordering. There’s also a “tips and tricks” page, providing tips on a range of surveying techniques.