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The Geopark Way Trail Guide

The rocks along the Geopark Way tell amazing stories of continental collision, of tropical seas, hot deserts, equatorial swamps and coastal lagoons and of vast ice sheets and polar deserts. But just as interesting are the building stones of churches, bridges, town halls, cottages and even a cathedral. These stories can be followed in the guidebook, across different parts of the four counties that make up the Geopark and they deliver a different perspective on long distance walking. The Geopark Way trail guide conveniently splits the Geopark Way trail into 17 convenient day walks. Each of these 17 sections describes and interprets the geological sites found along the trail. The geology is peppered with interesting facts about the area, along with comprehensive route directions.

Each trail section within the guide is headed by a map detailing the route and sites of interest. The geology and landscape encountered on the Geopark Way is described in a manner suitable for people with no previous knowledge of Earth Science. For those with an understanding of the subject, the Geopark Way is a great opportunity to further discovery of the geology of the area.

The guide also makes use of diagrams, annotated photos and line drawings to explain what is being seen. A concise glossary covers all terms used within the guide.

The Geopark Way Visitor Guide allows you to plan your trip along the Geopark Way including accommodation, places to eat and activities in the area as well as further geological walks and countryside sites to visit. It is possible to combine a walk on the Geopark Way with a trip on the Severn Valley Railway.

Click here to download a Geopark Way Visitor Guide 2019

The Geopark Way Guide Book  is available from http://www.earthheritagetrust.org/pub/category/shop/. It is listed by Book Data and may be ordered through any high street bookseller. ISBN: 978-0-9558390-0-9 .  The complete guide is available direct from the Trust. Tel: 01905 855184. The new Guide and map is now available.