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Hereford Cathedral

Building Stones Trail
There has been worship on the site of Hereford Cathedral for well over 1200 years. The peaceful atmosphere has sunk into the very fabric of the building. The history of the use of stone in the building is an interesting one. At different times the priority has been for local stone, such as the Caplar stone (from Caplar quarry near Howe Caple) used in the original building phase, or for a more ornamental stone, as in the Staffordshire Hollington Stone used by Oldrid Scott in his restoration of the west face.

As you walk around the trail you will notice that the different types of stone used and the different architectural styles give clues to development of the building itself. You can look at the contrast of the building stone with the ornate tombs which use the resources of our planet in a different way.

This trail takes one to two hours to complete.

ISBN: 0-9543572-3-X

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