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Wigmore Glacial Lake

Landscape & Geology Trail

This trail guide was the Winner of the Lasmo Geological Challenge Award 2001

Imagine Herefordshire as a semi-desert devoid of life when life on land has hardly yet begun. Imagine Herefordshire as a warm tropical sea. Imagine this piece of land was once at a latitude much nearer the equator than today. Imagine Herefordshire covered in ice up to 300 metres thick. The hills and valleys so familiar to us consist of rocks formed over many millions of years on coastal plains around deserts and in tropical seas. These rocks have been eroded and shaped by the effects of water, wind and ice into the scenery we see today. But this is not the end of the story as we shall see. The landscape is constantly being changed by nature’s dynamic forces.

This driving/walking trail covers around 12 miles and takes two to three hours to complete.

(no longer available)



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