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Bridgnorth – Rocks beneath your feet

Exercise your body and your mind on a healthy walk from the centre of Stourport out into the surrounding countryside. The walk will help towards your daily exercise routine. At the same time think about how the landscape has come to look as it does, because of the rocks on which it is built, or those found in the surrounding area.

The man-made landscape relies heavily on aggregates – the sand, gravel and crushed rock that goes into buildings, concrete, the roads we drive on and the paths beneath your feet on this walk. In the vicinity of Bridgnorth are extensive spreads of sand and gravel that were deposited as the River Severn found a new course during the last Ice Age. Our attitude towards aggregate extraction is ambivalent: seeing it both as an essential resource and as despoiling the countryside. Alas, we cannot have the former without the latter. Perhaps this walk, in looking at the formation of the river terraces, will help you to appreciate why aggregates occur where they do, and why they had to be quarried where they are found close to the town.

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