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Conservation/countryside organisations

Countryside Council for Wales
The CCW “is the Government’s statutory advisor on sustaining natural beauty, wildlife and the opportunity for outdoor enjoyment in Wales and its inshore waters.”
Natural England
Natural England is the government body responsible for the conservation and enhancement of biodiversity, landscape and wildife in urban and rural areas in England. Was formed through a merger of English Nature, the Countryside Agency and parts of DEFRA.
Environment Agency
Public body responsible for protecting our environment, including against flooding.
European Centre for Nature Conservation
The website of the think tank and innovator for nature conservation in Europe.
The Shaping of Tasmania
Packed with geoconservation information, this site explains the meaning of geoconservation, gives a brief history of Tasmanian geoconservation, and provides detailed theoretical information and discussions on the subject. It also includes an extensive bibliography of Australian geoconservation. Hosted by the Park and Wildlife Service, Tasmania.
The National Biodiversity Network
Online gateway to information about the biodiversity of our nation. Includes information on record collecting, and a searchable databse.
US National Park Service
Website gateway to conservation and tourism information about all national parks and monuments in the United States.
River Basin Management Society
Based in Australia but with an international membership, the aim of the RBMS is to establish a balanced approach to land, water and natural resource management on a catchment basis.
Scottish Natural Heritage
Public body responsible for the preservation and conservation of the landscape, wildlife and other natural heritage in Scotland.
UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Information about World Heritage sites and conservation.

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